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Our Technologies 

helping create a greener tomorrow 

At Emissol our world-class innovative team is revolutionizing emission reduction technologies. With our cutting-edge, award winning solutions, we're making a significant impact to the road of environmental sustainability. Our sorbent-saving contactor for direct air capture drastically reduces costs while efficiently capturing CO2. Likewise, our low-cost mixer solution minimizes NOx emissions from diesel engines to comply with ultra-stringent regulations worldwide. Additionally, our catalytic converter utilizes a proprietary technology to lower the use of high-cost platinum group metals without compromising performance. Join us in our mission to combat climate change by exploring our groundbreaking technologies that are reshaping the future of sustainability. 

Robust, Low-cost NOx Reduction Technology

Our groundbreaking, R&D-100 Award finalist, is an emission reduction equipped with proprietary technology that is shown to meet most stringent NOx emission regulations set by California/US EPA (2027), and is in consideration for meeting Euro-VII and China VII, Tier 5 (USA), Stages 5 & 6 (Europe) amongst other ultra-low NOx reduction targets. Our innovative solution, in testing by multiple OEM's, drastically reduces tailpipe NOx emissions inhibits formation of unwanted urea deposits and is a major enabler for ultra-low NOx performance in low-load cycles such as in city driving, Real Driving Emissions  (RDE), low-idle, rapid transients and other difficult drive cycles. . Learn more about how we are paving the way towards a greener future with our novel, low cost, easy-to install, environmentally conscious technology.

Direct Air Capture Contactor Technology

Our cutting-edge direct air capture (DAC) contactor with proprietary technology that will play an invaluable role in the fight against climate change. With our innovative approach, we have successfully minimized the sorbent requirement, reducing the biggest operational expense in DAC. Learn more about an industry-changing solution that significantly cuts costs while efficiently capturing CO2, revolutionizing the future of carbon removal technologies.

Low- Cost Catalytic Converter 

Discover our groundbreaking catalytic converter! Equipped with proprietary technology, it dramatically reduces the need for expensive precious metals (e.g., platinum). By optimizing the catalytic process, we've successfully lowered the cost of catalytic converters without compromising performance. Learn more about how Emissol is revolutionizing emissions control by making it more affordable for businesses and customers.

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