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What are we specialized in?

Emissol can assist with testing and analyses in carbon capture (CO2), chemistry, heat (thermal) and mass transfer, speciation, fluid flow, catalysis, and more.  We also provide state-of-the-art simulation solutions, 1D, CFD or custom-built.  Contact for inquiries.

  • Adsorption, reaction, desorption testing

  • Measuring reacting & product species 

  • Microreactor analyses

  • Simulation & modeling (0D, 1D, CFD, ...) of flows, chemical reactions, regeneration or filtration

  • Materials considerations such as:

    • Conventional and novel ceramic and metallic monoliths

    • Precious metal (PGM) considerations

    • Pressure drop analysis and minimization

  • Novel coating techniques for adsorbents or catalysts

  • 3D CAD Modeling, design

  • Clean air technology market research

Reach out for specific requests

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