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Emissol's Catalytic Converter

Discover our groundbreaking catalytic converter! Equipped with proprietary technology, it dramatically reduces the need for expensive precious metals (e.g., platinum). By optimizing the catalytic process, we've successfully lowered the cost of catalytic converters without compromising performance. Learn more about how Emissol is revolutionizing emissions control by making it more affordable for businesses and customers.

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Catalytic Converter low-cost solution

What is a Catalytic Converter?

     A catalytic converter is a crucial component in a vehicle's exhaust system, responsible for reducing harmful emissions. At its core lies a structure called a monolith, which plays a vital role in the converter functioning.
            The monolith is typically made of ceramic or metallic material and features a honeycomb-like structure. Coated with precious metal catalysts such as a mix of platinum, palladium, and/or rhodium, the monolith provides a large surface area for catalytic reactions. As exhaust gases pass through the monolith, the catalyst facilitates chemical reactions, converting engine pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and unburned hydrocarbons into harmless substances. This design ensures efficient emission control, promoting cleaner air, environmental sustainability and compliance with emission regulations.

How did Emissol improve mainstream monoliths?

    Emissol has revolutionized catalytic converter technology by introducing a proprietary innovation that significantly reduces the cost of production. Through our cutting-edge technology, we have developed a more efficient monolith design that utilizes less precious metals without compromising performance.
            This breakthrough allows substantial cost savings while maintaining the high efficiency in reducing pollutants. By radically optimizing the use of precious metals within the catalyzed monolith, we are paving the way for more affordable catalytic converters without compromising their environmental impact or their effectiveness in reducing emissions.

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