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DAC plant

Emissol's Contactor Solution

Our cutting-edge direct air capture (DAC) contactor with proprietary technology that will play an invaluable role in the fight against climate change. With our innovative approach, we have successfully minimized the sorbent requirement, reducing the biggest operational expense in DAC. Learn more about an industry-changing solution that significantly cuts costs while efficiently capturing CO2, revolutionizing the future of carbon removal technologies.

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DAC Contactor Sorbent saving Solution

Why is Carbon Capture Important?

     Carbon, or CO2, has been identified as the most major contributor to global warming, making CO2 reduction of utmost importance in the fight against climate change. One technique, gaining more popularity, is capturing CO2 from air, known as Direct Air Capture (DAC), helping reduce the concentration of CO2 in air, thus mitigating its impact on climate change.
     Embracing carbon capture enables us to take proactive steps towards achieving net-zero emissions, creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.

How is Emissol revolutionizing the industry?

     Direct air capture's biggest bottleneck is its high costs. At Emissol, we have addressed this challenge by developing a smaller and highly efficient contactor, leveraging our proprietary technology. Our innovative contactor surpasses the performance of conventional ones by several advantages: When compared to mainstream contactors, Emissol contactor is smaller (downsized), requiring markedly less adsorbent, while capturing CO2 from air faster and more efficiently. Depending on a capture system specifics, it may also be designed to have substantially low pressure drop.  By requiring a reduced amount of costly sorbent material, it significantly lowers the total cost of CO2 capture. Our breakthrough solution makes DAC economically viable, advancing the goal of widespread carbon removal and creating a more sustainable future.

What is Direct Air Capture?

     Direct air capture (DAC) is a groundbreaking process that removes carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from the air around us. It involves several key steps: First, large air intake structures draw in atmospheric air. Then, the air is blown through contactors which are lined (coated) with specialized adsorbent materials that selectively capture CO2 from air. Once captured, CO2 is separated from the adsorbent, resulting in concentrated CO2. Finally, the concentrated CO2 can be stored permanently underground, or utilized in various industrial processes to produce a variety of materials such as fuels, plastics, and more.

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