Emissol Performs Market and Exploratory Studies on New and Emerging Technologies

New technologies are widely impacted by various factors due to market, competitive or regulatory landscapes, customers’ expectations or those of the integrators (e.g. OEM or technology suppliers). These factors include product performance, durability, risks, competition with an a priori technology, commercial forces such as product cost or market positioning, time to market or unseating the competition in an existing supply chain; significant parameters may include regulatory requirements or legally binding warranty periods. Some requirements may pose as ‘competing priorities’, opposing one another.

Risk Management

Risk management, when introducing a new technology to the market, is yet another significant consideration. No matter how widely tested, more often than not, technology products perform differently in real life applications than in controlled environments such as in lab-based experiments or in engine-dyno settings. In the language of risk analysts, ‘we don’t know what it is we don’t know’; otherwise stated: how does one manage a risk when even the risk or its severity is unknown! Examples include risks introduced by a new, strong, competing technology developed under the radar and introduced simultaneously or only a year or two before or after your technology is rolled out: Here goes the new market force of an unexpected competition.

Given its broad familiarity with the mobility industry and key players within, Emissol has been successfully helping its clients with exploring market opportunities, marketplace size prediction and estimation for novel technologies and risk analyses for new, competing technologies ready to be introduced into the market; examples include bridging relationships between the holder (innovator) of a novel technology with an interested OEM or technology supplier.

Senior Business and Market Analysts

Emissol Business Team includes senior business and market analysts. They have spent decades in the energy and powertrain industries and are widely familiar with its key players, market dynamics, competitive landscapes and supply chains.